English, Irish & Canadian Ch. Stonecroft’s Second Stage

English, Irish & Canadian Ch. Stonecroft's Second Stage

At almost 2 years of age, Arnold was exported in 1995 to the Woodhenge kennel of Barry and Sue Coulson in Wiltshire, England.  He entered the show ring and quickly finished his English title in 6 shows and became the FIRST Pembroke Welsh Corgi male imported to the UK to gain a Championship title.  Not only were we thrilled by this news but by the end of that year, he finished as Top Corgi of the Year!!!!  In 1998 we travelled over to England to attend The Welsh Corgi League Diamond Jubilee, an event that happened every 10 years with the first being in 1988.  People from all over the world came to watch this event and there were hundreds of corgis entered.  Arnold thrilled us all by winning the Dog Challenge Certificate under Peggy Franks (Pengavin) and went one step further and was chosen BEST IN SHOW under Margo Parsons (Deavitte).  A Dream come true for this Canadian dog!!!!!!!

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