Twiggy is a little cross-eyed kink-tailed blue-point Siamese kitten we acquired from an advertisement on the bulletin board at the grocery store "free to a good home". We phoned the lady who didn't want us to come to her home to see the kitten but agreed to meet us at the donut store one dark and dreary cold night.

We sat and waited in our van thinking no one would show up when a lady appeared with a shopping bag and what appeared to be no cat. She asked which one of us was Kristi and went to the driver side window where she unzipped her coat and pulled out Twiggy from inside. Handed her to Kristi, gave the shopping bag with food and toys to us and home we came.

We were excited to say the least, whereas Minou was less than impressed for a good few weeks. We lived through alot of hissing and spitting initially. We were hopeful that they would eventually become playmates and with time and perseverance they have.

Finally, peace reigns supreme!