Smidgie - Chetwynd's Chasing Rainbows
(May 10th 2007)


Smidgie is short for her original official name of Smidget. In the two pictures above she is 4 1/2 months old. We were enamored with this Mr. Bean granddaughter from the moment we saw her and promptly talked her breeder Bonnie Downing into allowing us to purchase her. On our trip to the 2007 National in Rhode Island last fall she quickly developed quite a fan club but she was 1 1/2 months too young to show. Outside the ring, however, she put on a show of her own...striking poses and making up to everyone that stopped to chat with her. There were even people stealing her from us to run and show somebody else. Smidgie was in her glory, she knew she was a princess!!!!

Her first show was the following May 2008 at the Garden State Specialty in New Jersey. She won her Sweepstakes class under Bill Shelton (Coventry) and her Regular class under Australian judge John Burgess (Breconmohr). Still very much a puppy, Smidgie was very naughty and very full of herself in Winners Bitch. She just couldn't understand why there were rules but she did seem to get it together enough by the end of the day and was awarded Best Puppy in Specialty.

A month later we attended the Lakeshore Puppy Match in Indiana where she was awarded Best Adult in Match under Pam Hudson (Calloway).

In September, Smidgie won Best Puppy In Sweepstakes at the Lakeshore PWC Specialty under breeder Sue Neave (Faerietale).

Smidgie is now a Canadian Champion which she finished handily with several impressive Group placements in very limited showing.

Below are pictures of Smidgie having fun in the snow. She is constantly amusing herself and us; whether it be by herding her buddy Kitty and making her play the game of "chase and catch me if you can" or chasing snowballs or her own favourite ball. She has a tremendous joy for life and insists everyone knows it. We took her to a Herding Instinct Test and it came as no surprise to us that she passed with flying colours. She was amazing and is definitely our "Wild Child".