Minou is our resident cat. We've never had a cat before and we were certain we were not actually cat people. One day a friend of ours called to say that there were some abandoned kittens at the end of his road, could we come and help. What we didn't know when we agreed was that if we caught any they would end up at our house. So off we went and came home with 2 soggy, skinny, scrawny, flea ridden, starving kitties of about 8 weeks old. We promptly fixed them up, fed them, took them to the vet etc. Now weeks later, we decide when we have these two little kittens using our house as a speedway, perhaps we aren't cat people afterall. We were going away, taking all the dogs with us....what about the kittens. So we decided to place them with the cat lady who has a no kill shelter and adopts them out through her home and PetSmart. Needless to say we were in tears when we handed them over but it was best for the kitties and us.

Jumping ahead 2 1/2 months later, we went to PetSmart to buy our wild bird seed like we always do. We always look at the cats and kittens wishing we were cat people but keeping in mind we aren't....we start moving along the line of cat cubicles and suddenly Kristi stops and stares.
She has spotted one of our kittens, Minou. Sabrina the other one had already been adopted. We are instantly in tears....the cat lady says...."What's wrong".....we say...."That's our Minou". And so the story ends.....we bought her back that day and home we went. She is the best cat....plays with the dogs, puppies and is a true clown. Who'd have thought we've turned into cat people. We had even thought of bringing her with us to the specialties. Time will tell!!!!!!