Kitty - Ch. Stonecroft's Speak Softly
(November 14th 2001)


Kitty is BillyJean's litter sister and side-kick. She accompanied her to every dog show and was there waiting for her when the show was over to play with to BillyJean's delight. Kitty was the highlight of BillyJean's day.

Kristi always said Kitty was like BillyJean's goat, Anita maintained Kitty was the brains of the operation......anyway you look at it......BillyJean was happy so therefore we were happy but Kitty knew the truth......BRAINS 101.

We finished Kitty's Canadian championship very swiftly and she loved to show unlike her sister!!!!

Kitty has a veritable collection of tricks as she is a very quick study. Also, passed her Herding Instinct Test, took to it like water.
Kitty is proud to say BillyJean FLUNKED.....the sheep bunted her and that was the end for her.....hahaha Kitty says - "Just a pretty face but no brains. I have both".

Kitty at 5 months of age

Frosty Kitty

Kitty is an angel any way you look at her. She gives hugs, sits pretty, rolls over and plays with Smidgie as though she were one of her own children. She is unbelievably patient with Smidgie's never ending energy and antics. Kitty you are a gem! and Anita's heart dog.